How To Enjoy VR Porn

Virtual Reality porn (or simply known as VR porn) is a revolutionary way of watching porn. It allows consumers to feel like they are in the middle of the action and like they are involved in what’s going on. The difference between watching a normal porn video or watching a VR one is just insane because people are not just spectators, they are interacting with their favorite porn stars and it puts a smile on their faces.

But how to watch VR porn? For people that don’t know, VR porn can only be watched using a VR headset and plenty of them are available to purchase online through many sites. The cheap ones below $100 might do the job, however their streaming quality, battery life and the durability is not good. They tend to break down very fast. Expensive headsets such as the HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift run for $400+ and they are designed mostly for hardcore video game players who spend plenty of time with their favorite games.

For people who are interested in getting a VR headset STRICTLY for porn, then my recommendation is to get the IRIS VR Headset by . This headset has a higher streaming quality than the VR headsets mentioned above, it has a battery that last for 3 hours, it provides crystal clear resolution and it weights less than a pound. The design of the headset is also very appealing to the eye (all white) and it’s made with high quality materials making it very resistant even if it falls down on the floor. The headset also has a Fresnel optical system, anti-distortion and anti-dispersion which improves the immersion and nullifies the disorientation. In other words, people don’t get dizzy.
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