Ann-Kathrin Götze & Farina Opoku Bikini

Ann-Kathrin Götze & Farina Opoku bikini pictures from Ibiza, 04/09/2019. Obviously, Farina pales in comparison to Ann-Kathrin (cause she’s FAT, duh), but, you know, there might be different opinions on that.


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Intimate photos of actress Elizabeth Olsen leaked into the network

The star is known for the role of Wanda, a superhero in the Avengers movie series. Her intimate shots leak into the network not for the first time. Personal photos of Hollywood actress Elizabeth Olsen appeared on the Web several days ago. Pictures were published by Telegram-channel called Super.

The actress already reacted at this case stating that she often makes some selfie for different purposes. She does not see anything wrong in it and believes that it is the personal business of each person what to shoot and how to use these photos. At the same time, shea is upset by the fact that these photos appeared on the web because they were made for personal use. For those, who like such kind of the material, it is advised to visit where you can look at the most beautiful girls.

In the photo, the star takes a selfie in a transparent lace bodysuit. The actress, apparently wanted to show how she looks in her underwear because she removed herself from several angles. Also among the photos, there are several pictures in full growth in a bathrobe. The picture shows that there is no bra under it. It is also noted that Olsen is not the first time the victim of detractors, merging her personal photos into the network.
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