Have You Seen Amber Rose’s Bush Yet?

If there is one who definitely knows how to surprise, it is no other than Amber Rose. This busty and curvy woman is definitely a daring one. It seems that Amber is always up to something. Truth be told, she sure is. Everyone who is following her on Instagram knows that she posts provocative stuff on a regular. Sometimes, you might also see her post nudes by strategically placing different objects to cover her private parts.

But with a stunning bush that Amber sports, she actually does not need anything to hide her tunnel of love. A fur over her pie is more than enough. Still, as expected, Instagram took down the photo and only the luckiest ones managed to see Amber’s bush and took a screen shot of it. One definitely needs Amber’s pusstache on his phone for when the times get rough.

In case it happens that you missed it, boy, you just came to the right place. We present you, the one and only, the Amber Rose bush. Aint it one of the prettiest things you have seen today? Maybe even in the whole week. Heck, chances are, this hairy muffin might become your most favorite thing you stumbled across the entire month.

That oily body, big glasses, tattoos, incredible hips and in between a well-groomed snatch – WOWZA. Sometimes, one single photo of a hot babe is more valuable than all those . But who are we kidding, right? The explicit material still out bids even the raunchiest content celebrities publish to gain more attention. But what exactly is considered explicit in this modern age?

Back in the days, if one would see Amber Rose’s bush, his juices would probably start flowing instantly. A great sensation is what would follow next. Meanwhile, in this day and age, we are so used to all this nearly-naked photos and videos that explicit got a whole new meaning to it. What can we truly call explicit? One thing is for sure, all those Miley Cyrus videos and appearances are definitely not explicit. Well, to some extent they sure are, but being available for everyone to watch, well, that is not really explicit. Many may think otherwise, but once a particular content is available to the whole population, that, my friends, is not explicit.

On the other hand, are definitely only for 18 years and older folks (in some countries 21+). You won’t be seeing these on national television (late night television shows?), on YouTube or Facebook. While Miley can jump around wearing barely any clothing and be as provocative as possible is acceptable almost everywhere. At the end of the day, you be the judge.
After all, we aren’t really here to start a debate or try to change something. What we are all here for is Amber Rose’s bush and nothing else. Enjoy that masterpiece and become an instant fan. Even you, who are only about bald va-jay-jays, I am sure many will reconsider it.

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